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Emma shares her passion for wool with the BBC

In the Woolshed artist Emma Price shared her natural hand dyeing tips with BBC Coventry and Warwickshire presenter Vic Minett this week when the reporter paid a visit to East Chase Farm. Emma took Vic into the dye studio to explain the process of using natural ingredients to create a rainbow of colours on the various different yarn types used In the Woolshed, explaining that one of the beauties of hand dyeing is that no two batches – and sometimes even skeins – are identical. She went through the wide range of qualities enjoyed by yarns from different breeds of sheep – from the firmness of the Lleyns which live on East Chase Farm – which is great for fisherman’s jumpers, rugs and homeware te

Read all about it

We're in today's Coventry Telegraph. Read the story here: JAN 2015

Radio 4 embraces knitting

Have you taken part yet in Radio 4's knitting extravaganza? We've already posted one of our sheep to their facebook page as we're huge Archers fans here at In the Woolshed

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