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Lleyni Mini Wool Pot recipe book

We are so very excited... in fact completely fizzing with the arrival of our first pattern book... and already they are flying off the shelf - or should I say out of the box, before we have had time to think about displaying them!! They are now available through our web page for just £8 plus p&p... 15 beautiful patterns from festival wellie toppers, Helens scrumptious picnic blanket, cool phone holders and lush cuffs... and the old favourites, 2 of our first designs from the Naughty Sheep range Evan Evans & Megan. ooh and not to forget our stunning Indigo home ware collection - simply inspiring. We have also added a few extra bits, a honey, lemon ginger tea recipe, list of top UK festivals, beautiful images of the Lleyn Pennisular in North Wales the ancestral of our sheep. So all in all it is a lovely gift for yourself or best friend.

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