Bluefaced Leicester 



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Bluefaced Leicester is a rich silky yarn. I have selected it for its softness and how it takes on the natural dyes with such stunning depth of hue.  The handle of this yarn is delightful, and ideal for lace shawls, lace weight jumpers & cardigans socks, baby wear, and so much more.... 


The Bluefaced Leicester is a longwool breed of sheep which originates from Northumberland and became known at the beginning of the 20th century.

They have curly threadlike wool which makes it considerably lighter than others. Some fleeces only weigh 1 to 3 kg (2.2 to 6.6 lb). These particular kind of sheep have no wool on the head or neck, and the pattern and shape of the wool is most like the Wensleydale.



In The Wool shed we love to play and experiment... we are not very good at mass production, so each ball available on this page is a limited edition - so please check the quantity currently available by clicking on the yarn. If you would like more of a similar shade we can produce them just for you up to a limit of 500 grams. Please let us know through the contacts page.