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"From the Lleyn Peninsula of North Wales into the heart of the Himalayas, In The Wool Shed is a life long passion, an enquiry into the simplicity and humbleness of the handmade, a connection with our natural rhythm, a unique richness and depth of spirit that brings us together in the never ending search for truth and happiness."

In The Wool Shed we create beautiful natural dyed yarns for knitting, crochet, weaving and creative textiles.  We use only natural fibres In The Wool Shed - British wool selected from pure breeds including our own flock of Lleyn Sheep, and other selected British wool such as Bluefaced Leicester & Wensleydale.  Each hank of yarn is hand dyed using carefully selected natural dyes in order to produce a delightful palette. Each ball of wool is completely unique.  


As our business organically grows, a greater understanding of what is important to us also develops.. we are about SLOW MINDFUL FASHION, sustainability, community.... and yes earning a living so we can continue to do the stuff we know is important to leading a happy life.  

We also love heading out to India, Emma lived and worked in India for many years - we love sharing our passion for India and the glorious handmade textiles on offer... join us on our mindful textile journeys, it will most definitely change the way you view the world! 

Louise Weetman 



Dogs barking, fences require mending, hens laying, sheep need checking.... oh no the sheep are now out... Louise married the farmer many years ago and completely embraced the whole lifestyle with enthusiasm and joy... that is until the sheep get out yet again.  Louise was the lynchpin for In The Wool Shed... she came up with the container that started the whole thing gently rolling forward.  She has even taken up knitting, is the creator of our facebook page and is training Nut Meg our very lovely sheep dog.  And should we mention the knitted bunting.... ? 

Emma Price

Fine Artist & Natural Dyer


Dyes soaking, vats steaming, yarns dripping, fleece drying, radio 4, endless pots of tea... completely lost in a world of creative playful bliss. That's me... living my dream that started many years ago with a spinning wheel, followed by years roaming India in search of looms, natural dye vats and traditional hand crafted textiles.   


I am passionate about using only the very best of materials in the making process, from a top quality fleece to a yummy natural fibre ball of yarn.  We spend so much of our creative energy and time giving our very best. Working with natural fibres is not only an absolute joy, they also look and handle with such unique beauty.


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