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Mindful Textile Journeys

with Emma Price since 1998

"I want to offer you a journey with a difference. We only take small groups on our journeys, which in turn allows us to really take care of you, with the opportunity to do things off script... making your experience feel unique, relaxed and exceptional. I am simply passionate about India. It was my home for several years, living working and travelling. The people are incredibly warm, with a sense of humour that touches your soul. I want to share my love of this gloriously amazing, frustrating, delightful, quite simply unbelievable country with you and to give you the confidence to experience India feeling safe and comfortable. "

Tour leader: Emma Price


Block printing workshop Delhi Agra Jaipur  

Moth to Cloth - exploring Tussah Silk 

Ladakh & the Pashmina Nomads 

Embroideries of Gujarat

Textiles of Bhutan

My first time with Emma and the experience has surpassed all expectation.  The thing about the journey is that you are fortunate enough to experience this in a very real way, where you feel that you get a glimpse into the real world of the country.  Emma has a gift for enabling you to experience the adventure and take in extra experiences that come along without any kind of stress.  I can never thank Emma  enough for an unforgettable journey with a unique opportunity to touch the country in such a rare way.  Jean August 2019 

"get off the tour bus and experience real India and its people with me"


Mindful Textile Journeys since 1998

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